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Wings Web Media are looking for talented individuals from design and tech domains to join their team that excels in mobile application development and has developed more than 300 apps on iOS and Android.

To apply for any of the below position, email your resume / updated CV to

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Eliminating spin improves transparency & trust

Our focus is to create a platform for startups/ entrepreneurs to get their ideas executed with minimal involvement on operations front & more on brain storming, learning competitor analysis using the right manpower and tools. We are a team because we respect, trust & care for each other. Our greatest strength is our team spirit & that will remain because a core of us come through the leagues together.

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Work & celebrate

Wings Web Media believes in work life balance. We understand that after you have put in gruelling hours at work, you need time apart for your friends and family and need to fulfill your personal duties. Keeping that in mind, we have introduced 5 days working in a week, which motivates you to work hard on weekdays and take care of your home duties on weekends.

Teamwork & trust

For us, teamwork is the key to success. Moreover, when we say, teamwork, we mean sharing the knowledge with the Peers and becoming the part of colleague’s success as well. Trust is something we inherit in us and take it forward to the entire organization to create a familial bond.

Active involvement

We firmly believe that every Peers in Peerbits is more that their job title and therefore we strive to bring out the latent talents from each and every individual. We always motivate others to do what they think cannot and that is how we inspire them, and even others around them.

Learning & growth

Learning and growth go hand-in-hand fundamentally, and so is the story at Peerbits. Every project, every task, every day, is learning for the Peers which again is the opportunity to evolve. Together we learn, grow and become better than what we were yesterday. This is our secret of growth.